Children’s Community Football Tournament, UK

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Children’s Community Football Tournament, UK

BAPS Charities organised its first regional five-a-side football tournament, the Pramukh Cup, on Saturday 24 June at Powerleague Friern Barnet, London (for players from the southern regions of the UK) and again on Saturday 1 July 2017 at Goals, Leicester (for players from the northern regions of the UK).

An impressive tally of 57 teams came together for the tournament across the two days amid warm and sunny summer weather. The new age-structured groupings for this year’s tournaments enhanced the playing experience for all children.

The competitions began with motivational words from volunteers who emphasised the importance of team spirit and unity, and recounted the history of the tournament.

The first phase comprised of group stages where teams started moulding together and gradually improved their performance. Crowds assembled around each pitch offering support and encouragement. The pitch managers were also very animated, adding a vibrant atmosphere to the games.

After lunch, the quarter-finals and semi-finals were played with all teams ready to challenge for the three cups – the Ghanshyam Cup (6- to 8-year-olds), Nilkanth Cup (9- to 11-year-olds) and Pramukh Cup (12- to 14-year-olds). After the knockout stages, the finals of each age category took place.


Southern Championship

Sunday School K scored two early goals in the Ghanshyam Cup final. Finchley C pulled a goal back after half-time but eventually succumbed to a late winning goal from Sunday School K who won 3-1. The second final, the Nilkanth Cup, was evenly contested between Finchley B and Sunday School E. The fixture was settled by a single goal, making Sunday School E 1-0 winners.

The final for the Pramukh Cup was played between two of the day’s strongest teams, Finchley A and Brent/Harrow B. The game was back and forth throughout with Brent/Harrow taking the lead from a spectacular goal in the first half, only for Finchley to level in the final minutes. The game ended 1-1, leading to extra time and then a penalty shootout with Harrow/Brent B emerging victorious 4-3 on penalties.


Northern Championship

Two local teams from Leicester battled for the Nilkanth Cup in which a late goal led Leicester C to a 1-0 victory over Leicester A. In the Ghanshyam Cup, Wellingborough B scored two early goals against Leicester D which inspired them to win 4-0.

The Pramukh Cup was a great match to conclude the tournament as Leicester F played Leicester G. Leicester F demonstrated strong performances throughout the tournament, whereas a younger Leicester G team improved steadily as the tournament progressed. With the game locked at 1-1, and both teams attacking to find a winner, Leicester F converted a tough chance to win the match 2-1.

The tournaments served as a tremendous display of community harmony, teamwork and friendship.

One of the parents offered their gratitude to the tournament organisers: “I cannot thank the organising team enough for such a well organised and executed competition. The children had a fantastic day and parents were so impressed with the spirit of unity and teamwork.”

The day concluded with an awards ceremony.

A special thank you to the more than 250 parents, managers and volunteers as well as the 375 players that made this a memorable year for the competition.

Below is a summary of the awards:


Cup (Age Group)


Runners Up

Southern Championship

Ghanshyam Cup (6-8)

Sunday School K

Finchley C

Nilkanth Cup (9-11)

Sunday School E

Finchley B

Pramukh Cup (12-14)

Brent Harrow B

Finchley A

Northern Championship

Ghanshyam Cup (6-8)

Leicester D

Wellingborough D

Nilkanth Cup (9-11)

Leicester C

Leicester A

Pramukh Cup (12-14)

Leicester F

Leicester G


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