Supporting Girl Empowerment through Kranti’s Tour in London, UK

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Supporting Girl Empowerment through Kranti’s Tour in London, UK

BAPS Charities welcomed Kranti (Revolution) to London on Saturday 24 June 2017. Kranti is a non-governmental organisation that empowers girls born to workers from Mumbai’s red light areas to become agents of social change through the provision of homes, education and training. Kranti enables these ‘Revolutionaries’ to emerge as leaders and economic assets, redefining the value of women in Indian society.

BAPS Charities is supporting Kranti’s London leg of their UK tour by sponsoring their meals and transportation costs as well as raising awareness about their inspiring work and programmes. 

On Saturday, the girls presented Kranti’s one-hour theatrical production, ‘Laal Batti Express’, to an audience of over 200 people at The Swaminarayan School.

This choreographed enactment is themed around a train journey that follows the past and present traumas, insecurities, discrimination, violence and emotional distress that these girls have endured in their lives, and charts the changes that they hope to bring for a better future.

Their performance, which portrayed humility, dignity and resilience, drew emotional support from the gathering who were particularly impressed with their determination to better their lives and the lives of their families and others who have been affected by their issues.

​Robin Chaurasiya, the founder of Kranti, stated, “Making a difference to even one element of the daily atrocities endured by these women and their families is a worthwhile effort. Together, we as a society, need to break the taboo of discussing issues that we are uncomfortable with.”

​Araddhna Patel, a BAPS Charities volunteer, added: “We were struck by the raw emotions throughout the production. Every single statement made by the performers was their own individual experience. ​These insights enabled the audience to understand the harrowing lives led by children of sex workers and witness the strength of character by them to make a difference not only to their lives, but the lives of others in their situation.”

Please click here for further details of Kranti’s UK performances and here if you wish to make a donation to support their work with daughters of sex workers.

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