Blood Donation Drive 2019 in Columbus, OH


Blood Donation Drive 2019 in Columbus, OH

The  American  Red  Cross  estimates  that  approximately  36,000  units  of  red  blood  cells are needed  every  day  to  serve  medical  needs  across  the  United  States,  but  the  current  blood supply is well short of that demand.  In support of fulfilling this need, BAPS Charities held its annual blood donation drive in Columbus, OH on  March 10, 2019. In total, 34 pints of blood were collected, which has the potential to save up to 102 lives.

Building  on  years  of  experience  in  conducting  large – scale  comprehensive  Health  Fairs  and Blood Donation Drives, BAPS Charities’ volunteers organized the effort in conjunction with partnering  local  medical  organizations.    Blood  donation  guidelines  and  statistics  were provided to potential donors to increase awareness of the critical need for various forms of blood components and its impact.

The American Red Cross estimates that one pint of blood can help save three lives.  The over 40 BAPS Charities blood donation drives held across the United States aimed to assist in that valuable endeavor.  BAPS Charities continues its decades – long efforts in helping to save lives through health education, no – cost medical fairs, and blood donation drives.  

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