UN’S World Food Program receives $30,000 for Nepal Relief Work

World food Program donation for Nepal Relief

UN’S World Food Program receives $30,000 for Nepal Relief Work

In a fifth installment of Nepal relief fund distribution, BAPS Charities contributed $30,000 to World Food Program USA (WFP USA).

On July 9th, BAPS Charities volunteers Hiten Patel, Dipak Thakker, and Dinesh Patel presented Roma Bose, Sr. Director of Development and Laura Starr, Director of Corporate Partnerships at WFP USA, with a one-time disaster relief grant for Nepal rehabilitation efforts. “It’s only with the support of partners and friends that we can do the work that we do,” said Starr. “BAPS Charities’ gift to WFP USA will help us help the Nepali people build up once more.”

Soon after the check was presented to the Nepali Embassy, BAPS Charities connected with World Food Programme (WFP) staff to facilitate a contribution. WFP has been working in Nepal since 1963. In recent years, WFP’s IT and logistics teams have collaborated with the Nepali government on emergency preparedness measures to respond to earthquakes like the ones that recently hit. Since the earthquakes, WFP has provided food to over four million people and distributed tarpaulins and tents, as well as water purification tablets, on behalf of other humanitarian aid organizations. 

“As WFP works with Nepal to rebuild, this contribution from BAPS Charities will help us climb mountains—literally,” said Rick Leach, President and CEO at WFP USA.

BAPS Charities aims to support innovative and dynamic organizations, like WFP and WFP USA, looking to deliver aid through efficient means. WFP has teamed up with trekking organizations to enlist the help of 20,000 porters — many of whom have lost homes, family members and the trekking season — to repair trails and carry much-needed supplies to hard-to-reach communities in the mountains. Their expertise has been invaluable. 

BAPS Charities has supported disaster relief efforts across the United States and around the world for almost two decades. In locations where BAPS Charities volunteers are limited by infrastructure and unable to provide direct support for disasters, we are grateful for the efforts of humanitarian aid organizations that step forward to respond.

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