Children’s Health & Safety 2013, Chicago, IL

Children’s Health & Safety 2013, Chicago, IL

Aligning with national health and safety initiatives including those from US Department of Health & Human Services Stop Bullying initiative, The National Institute of Health “We Can!” program, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, BAPS Charities Children’s Health and Safety Days encourage dialogue between children and their families while providing participants with the tools and resources for a better lifestyle: anti-bullying, healthy life choices, and safety in a technology-driven world.

On August 18, 2013, in Chicago, IL, over 24 health care professionals and specialists volunteered their expertise and time to educate and bring awareness to 108 children and 60 parents. Below are some of the highlights and data of the event:

Professionals present: Primary Care Physicians (2), Pediatricians (4), ENT specialists (3), Child Psychiatrists (4), Dentists (1)

Educational Activities organized: Teddy Bear Clinic, Police Car Tour, Helicopter Tour, Ambulance Tour & Demonstration, Fire Engine Tour, Fire Safety Demonstration, Sports & Fitness Demonstration, BMI and photo ID, General Health Education

Educational Lectures:  Healthy Eating, Being Healthy and Cyber Safety.

Workshops: Let’s Move! (active lifestyle), Reducing screen time, Nutrition, Hygiene, Home and Auto Safety, Sun Safety

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