Walk 2009 in Chicago, IL

Walk 2009 in Chicago, IL

BAPS Charities Walks organized throughout North America helps a wide range of community, health and humanitarian organizations thus helping to build a better community, one step at a time.

Benefitting Adventist GlenOaks Hospital, the BAPS Charities Walk in Chicago, IL  took place on August 22, 2009. In total, over 700 participants enthusiastically supported the event.


On behalf of Adventist Glen Oaks Hospital, I would like to thank members of BAPS Charities for their enormous level of gratitude and continuous support in organizing events to benefit the community. The relationship between BAPS Charities and Adventist Glen Oaks Hospital is very strong and one with tradition dating back several years.
– Shane Cox, CFO, Adventist Glen Oaks Hospital

Building a better community one step at a time is what you have done, what you have proven and what you have continued to do. You are making a difference and you are doing some great things for all of us. We totally appreciate it and if more people can follow your mission and example this world would be a better place.
– Illinois State Senator John Millner

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