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Hey All, I am raising money for BAPS Charities where I'm an active volunteer, supporting British Heart Foundation and ROSA! I will be SKY DIVING and it will be a great experience! Please help me raise over £500! Really Appreciate your support!.. Thanks a lot!

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Skydive – London (2)

My Target: £500 GBPDonations received: £450 GBP

Join BAPS Charities in its effort to help the community by taking part in a sponsored skydive. Imagine the thrill as you leave the plane at over 10,000 feet:• Accelerate in free fall from 0… Read more »


British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is the leading UK Charity that cares for cardiovascular disease.
The charity is working towards a future in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from
cardiovascular disease. This year they aim to create a Nation of Lifesavers by giving people
the skills and confidence to act when they witness cardiac arrest. BAPS Charities is supporting ‘BHF’s ‘Call Push Rescue’ Training Kit for Schools’.

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Rosa's mission is to lead and build investment in social change for women and girls across the UK, to create a society in which they: are safe and free from fear and violence, achieve economic justice, enjoy good health and well being and have an equal voice.

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My Supporters

Name Pledge Amount Comments Date
Anonymous £10.00 GBP Jul 31, 2015
Valeria Frunze £20.00 GBP Good luck Nirmal... Jul 8, 2015
Anonymous £100.00 GBP Jun 17, 2015
Sachin Mehta £50.00 GBP All the best Nirmal, its all got a good cause. Enjoy Sky Diving. Jun 17, 2015
Paresh Chavan £20.00 GBP Jun 16, 2015
Anonymous £25.00 GBP Jun 11, 2015
Rohan Mathur £20.00 GBP All the best.Look forward to cheering you on. Rohan & Vru Jun 10, 2015
Bee & Charles Tatham £25.00 GBP Enjoy the view too. You can do it! Jun 2, 2015
Lyubov Rigby £5.00 GBP You are amazing! Proud of you Nirmal! Jun 1, 2015
Michael and Yentee McCoy £20.00 GBP Be Blessed with a great experience and a safe landing. Enjoy the pleasure of helping others. M&Yt May 16, 2015
Ravi Depala £15.00 GBP Remember to take some spare underwear May 7, 2015
Jimmy Enoch £10.00 GBP Have a great experience and make a difference mate. May 7, 2015
Anna S £10.00 GBP Well done Nirmal, all the best on your sky dive! Anna May 6, 2015
Erol Ali £10.00 GBP Excellent charities, all the best Nirmal!! May 6, 2015
NICKI MULLINS £10.00 GBP Your much braver than I am! Good on you! May 6, 2015
Bronwen Richards £10.00 GBP Good luck Nirmal. Rather you than me!! May 5, 2015
Rakesh Depala £20.00 GBP Don't forget the parachute! Apr 27, 2015
Himanshu Depala £10.00 GBP Nirmal. You daredevil. Apr 17, 2015
G Depala £10.00 GBP Great Causes & Good luck mate! Make sure u post a video on youtube! The world needs entertainment lol have fun & dive in style!!! Apr 14, 2015
shyam mehta £50.00 GBP Nirmal.. Good luck. Brave move. Enjoy it and all the best from Aashna, Bindu and Shyam. Apr 12, 2015
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