BAPS Charities donates $25,000 to Direct Relief for Nepal Earthquake

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BAPS Charities donates $25,000 to Direct Relief for Nepal Earthquake

Direct Relief has been working with partners in Nepal for over 15 years, providing medical aid and supplies to local health clinics and patients. The longstanding partnership between Direct Relief and healthcare providers in Nepal enabled the organization to mobilize immediately following the earthquake. Direct Relief’s immediate focus areas include procurement of specifically requested, high priority equipment, emergency airlifts of medical supplies stored in the organization’s warehouse, and financial support to existing partners. BAPS Charities presented the organization with a check for $25,000 on Thursday, May 14, 2015 at Direct Relief headquarters in Santa Barbara. The funds are earmarked for X-ray machines and ventilators that will be used to examine and treat patients suffering from crush wounds, limb loss, and broken bones, as well as urgent, life saving medication.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the Ministry of Health Partners in Nepal, alongside the United Nations, survey and assessed the immediate needs to begin providing aid. The MoHP approved and pre-cleared the importation of imaging equipment and breathing machines, and Direct Relief worked with the country to purchase this equipment through approved vendors. All equipment was purchased in India through a Direct Relief partner. The machines were flown to Nepal free of charge from New Delhi to Kathmandu. The machines are approved for use in Nepal, complete with service contracts and authorized in-country technicians, ensuring that aid is delivered responsibly and efficiently.

BAPS Charities invested considerable time in researching and vetting grantee organizations to ensure that the funds raised are used to deliver aid immediately. Rakhi Patel, BAPS Charities volunteer, visited the Direct Relief warehouse to observe other medical supplies that will soon be sent to Nepal. “After taking a tour of the organization’s warehouse, we were able to understand how the organization engages in emergency response. Direct Relief mobilized aid within hours of the earthquake and the contribution from BAPS Charities is part of what made that possible.” Thomas Tighe, President and CEO of Direct Relief, hosted volunteers from BAPS Charities on the tour, “BAPS Charities clearly understands the need of service, not only locally where their locations are based, but also in far off areas of the world. On behalf of Direct Relief, we are truly thankful for this support.”

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