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North American Activities Annual Report - 2018

15. TNC Check donation 2018 - Copy

BAPS Charities presented The Nature Conservancy with a donation of $166,000 through BAPS Charities Walk Green 2018. This effort helped plant 300,000 trees in the last three years.


Throughout the United States, thousands of volunteers engage in BAPS Charities Walkathons annually to support their local communities.

Health lecture slider

Providing an avenue for medical professionals to share important preventative care measures, BAPS Charities organizes lectures in many cities to bring greater awareness of healthier living habits.

Health Awareness

Annual Health Fairs in cities throughout the United States provide a convenient platform for physicians, technicians and other medical professionals to volunteer their expertise and provide medical care and advice to the increasing number of people who may lack access to quality health care.

Health Fair

Offering students an opportunity to learn more about the career and educational opportunities available to them beyond high school is an important service BAPS Charities provides for students from a diverse array of backgrounds.

Educational Services

BAPS Charities participates in Earth Day activities across North America

Earth Day

Despite the United States’ economic prosperity, nearly 50 million Americans go hungry every day. BAPS Charities organizes an annual food drive across North America

Food Drive

BAPS Charities Children’s Health and Safety Days encourage dialogue between children and their families about healthy living while providing children with the tools and resources to make better lifestyle choices: to be against bullying, be healthy, and be safe in a technology-driven world.

Children's Health

Every minute someone needs blood to survive. BAPS Charities has been actively answering this urgent and continuing need by organizing blood donation drives for the benefit of one and all at locations throughout the United States.

Blood Donation Drive
For over a decade, BAPS Charities has been engaging in a wide array of charitable activities and projects in the United States while also supporting charitable projects around the world.  It is through these activities and projects that our thousands of volunteers in centers across the United States are living the Spirit of Service.  

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