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Annual Challenge_1

Learn how the BAPS Charities Annual Challenge brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to give back to their community in such a big way.

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See how individuals benefit from free health screenings organised by BAPS Charities with the help of medical experts.

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Community Cleanup

Neighbourhood clean-ups are a great way for getting volunteers from the community, working with the community, for the community.

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Bone Marrow Drive

Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK every 18 minutes. See what BAPS Charities is doing to save lives and help sufferers.

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Health Awareness Lecture

Learn how BAPS Charities is educating the community to lead healthier, fuller lives and lessen the burden on national health care services.

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Blood Donation Drive

Giving blood is one of the greatest gifts of life. See how BAPS Charities is driving this campaign in the local community.

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Since its official registration in 2008, BAPS Charities has been engaging in a wide array of charitable activities and projects in the United Kingdom while also supporting charitable projects around the world. It is through these activities and projects that our volunteers in centres across the UK are living the Spirit of Service.

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