Dar- 5-4-20 (16) Hisani 1-2015 Pic 3 Kisutu School Support 3-15 New Life Orphanage - TZ Med 3 033 051
Dar- 5-4-20 (16)

Responding with services and support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hisani 1-2015 Pic 3

Reaching out to those in need through Orphanage Care programs with material support.

Kisutu School Support 3-15

Working to provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

New Life Orphanage - TZ Med 3

Caring for those marginalized by chronic medical conditions with open hearts and hands.


Providing support to schools for the physically impaired and disadvantaged in our communities.


Supporting community organizations making a difference in health care and education.


Established in 2013, BAPS Charities Tanzania carries forward a decades-old tradition of service that has touched lives across the nation.  Active in all major cities, BAPS Charities Tanzania conducts a wide variety of charitable programs in support of the community including free clinics, food drives and school rehabilitation.  We believe in engaging with the community by providing physical and emotional support for those in need.  Learn more about these activities from our latest news and our ongoing projects.

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