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BAPS Charities Disaster Relief – Hanang, Tanzania

The disaster struck in the Hanang District of the northern Manyara Region of Tanzania from late on 02 December 2023. Heavy rain in the area triggered flooding and landslides to gush down steep slopes of Mount Hanang, and into areas around the towns of Katesh and Gendabi.

The situation is changing quickly as search and rescue teams work through the mud and flood debris that has buried much of the town. Numerous houses have been buried or swept away.

A press statement issued on Saturday, December 9, 2023, signed by Chief Government Spokesperson Mobhare Matinyi, says the number of people killed by the incident has now reached 85.

In times of disaster, BAPS Charities volunteers mobilize in the communities where they live to provide relief and support.

BAPS Charities Tanzania representatives from Arusha region had reached the affected area to provide the essential needs to all the victims.

The Regional Commissioner of Arusha, Mr. John Mongela and the Regional Commissioner of Manyara, Mrs. Queen Sendiga had gratefully accepted the donation. The items donated were: Wheat Flour, Maize Flour, Cooking oil, Sugar, Rice and Salt.

BAPS and BAPS Charities Tanzania have extended its helping hand to the government to rebuild communities and reestablish normalcy of the affected areas.