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BAPS Charities supporting the CCBRT Hospital, Tanzania

BAPS Charities volunteers visited the CCBRT hospital on December 22, 2013. The Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (CCBRT) Hospital in Tanzania was established in 1994, and is a locally registered non-governmental organization. Today the CCBRT organization has become the largest provider of disability services in Tanzania, and serves approximately 120000 people each year. The hospital currently employs 139 medical staff who specialize in the fields of ophthalmology, orthopedics and plastic reconstructive surgeries.

Upon arrival, the goods to be donated were taken to the orthopedic ward, where a small assembly was started. Dr. Disderia and Dr. Ntegenjwa introduced BAPS Charities to the patients. Volunteers then unloaded the supplies which included:

  • 100 White Bed sheets
  • 80 Mosquito nets
  • 400 Adult Diapers
  • 180 pieces of bath soap
  • 180 pieces of washing soap
  • 180 tubs of petroleum jelly
  • 180 packets of crisps
  • 180 packets of biscuits
  • 180 bottles of juice
  • 180 bottles of water
  • 360 tubes of tooth paste
  • 180 toothbrushes

After handing over the supplies to the hospital staff, BAPS Charities volunteers spent time with the patients, playing with the children of patients and young patients themselves.