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BAPS Charities Food Drive at Karibu Tanzania Foundation

The Karibu Foundation Tanzania (FKT) is a non-profit organization which was registered in 2008. FKT is financially supported by Foundation Karibu, Canada, FKT-MJR Catering Service and Terres des homes along with other charity groups. The main objective of FKT is to eliminate domestic child abuse. They carry out their campaign by creating awareness ad providing education in the community at all levels. They also manage rescue shelters for domestically tortured, abused & battered children providing them with temporary housing, rehabilitating them physically and psychologically.

BAPS Charities donated the following items in support of their mission:  


  • 10 cartons of biscuits
  • 4 cartons of juices
  • 50 kg sugar
  • 20 ltr cooking oil
  • 50 kg sembe
  • 75kg flour
  • 100kg rice
  • 4 cartons of soap