About Us

BAPS Charities is a global charity active in nine countries across five continents. Volunteers drive our efforts, dedicating a portion of their lives in selfless service of others both in their local neighborhoods as well as globally.   


Our Work


Working in five key areas, BAPS Charities aims to express a spirit of selfless service through Health Awareness, Educational Services, Humanitarian Relief, Environmental Protection & Preservation and Community Empowerment.  From Walkathons or Sponsored Walks that raise funds for local communities to supporting humanitarian relief in times of urgent need or from community health fairs to sustaining hospitals and schools in developing countries, BAPS Charities provides an opportunity for individuals wishing to serve locally and globally.  


Our Symbol


BAPS Charities’ charitable work is driven by an ethos of selfless service empowering individuals to engage in projects that better one’s community, country and the world. This ethos is captured by our motto, ‘The Spirit of Service’, and our symbol, a flame resting in a crucible. Representing the desire of selfless service glowing in the hearts of volunteers, we believe that the flame is an insightful representation of what true service is – the giving of ourselves to bring light and warmth, hope and joy to others around us. When an individual is motivated by the Spirit of Service, she sacrifices for the greater good of her community and the world. 


Our History 


The concept behind BAPS Charities began decades ago with grassroots volunteerism in South Asia grounded in the spirit of service. As those young volunteers began to spread across the world, BAPS Charities took shape as a medium to continue and share this spirit with new and diverse communities. Formally established in 2000 as BAPS Care International, the organization changed its name to BAPS Charities in 2007 and proceeded to formalize and institutionalize the organization in countries across the world. Even as it has grown over the years, BAPS Charities has striven to remain true to its mission of selfless service.


Organizational Information


BAPS Charities is registered as a charitable organization in the eight countries listed below, in accordance with the respective laws of each country:


United States

BAPS Charities, Inc.

81 Suttons Lane, Suite 103

Piscataway, NJ 08854



A registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. (FEIN: 26-1530694)


BAPS Charities Inc.

61 Claireville Drive

Toronto, Ontario



A registered federal charity (CRA Registration Number: 864015441RR0001)

United Kingdom

BAPS Charities

54-62 Meadow Garth



NW10 8HD


A registered charity (Number: 1123367)

South Africa

BAPS Charities / 

Soham Sanctuary Trust  


Trust Number 1445/87

Public Benefit Organization Number 930-021-937



BAPS Charities


A registered society


BAPS Charities


A registered society



BAPS Charities

A limited company

New Zealand

BAPS Charities

21 Barrhead Place


Auckland 0600

Registered under the Charities Act 2005


Official Web Platforms


Please note that the following web platforms can be considered official sources of information on BAPS Charities:

     –  facebook.com/bapscharities

     –  twitter.com/bapscharities

     –  youtube.com/bapscharities

Other websites or sources should not be considered official. 

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