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BAPS Charities TZ Sponsors Pacemaker for Needy Patient

On February 12, 2016, members of BAPS Charities visited Muhimbili National Hospital, which is a national referral Hospital funded by the Government of Tanzania.

During their visit, members of BAPS Charities were introduced to Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Center, learning of the dire need amongst even children for heart-related procedures amongst limited financial resources.  

The volunteers also came across one patient admitted due a condition known as “Sinus Node Dysfunction”  This condition is a result of a dysfunction of the natural pacemaker in the heart (i.e. sinus node) and is a life-threatening condition.  As a result, he required an immediate placement of an artificial pacemaker.  However, given his lack of financial resources and the lack of government aid, he was unable to receive the treatment he needed.

BAPS Charities managed to source a pacemaker in Dar-es-salaam and donated it to the head of J.K.Cardiac Center for this needy patient.  Dr. Mohammed Janabi and his associates were able to operate on the patient on Feb 17, 2016.  The surgery was successful and restored the patient’s quality of life. 

Volunteers of BAPS Charities visited Mr Ngavana on Sunday 21st Feb 2016, and were overjoyed to see the fruit of their donation in the form of a smile of gratitude on the face of Mr Ngavana.