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Annual 10k Challenge 2015 – London

My Target: £250 GBPDonations received: £351 GBP

Every year in the UK, BAPS Charities organises an Annual 10k Challenge across the country. Join BAPS Charities in its effort to help the community by supporting a 10k Challenge event near you.


British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation is the leading UK Charity that cares for cardiovascular disease.
The charity is working towards a future in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from
cardiovascular disease. This year they aim to create a Nation of Lifesavers by giving people
the skills and confidence to act when they witness cardiac arrest. BAPS Charities is supporting ‘BHF’s ‘Call Push Rescue’ Training Kit for Schools’

Learn more: http://www.bhf.org.uk



Rosa's mission is to lead and build investment in social change for women and girls across the UK, to create a society in which they: are safe and free from fear and violence, achieve economic justice, enjoy good health and well being and have an equal voice

Learn more: http://www.rosauk.org

My Supporters

Name Pledge Amount Comments Date
Rupen Patel £50.00 GBP Good Luck Mama / Dada. Shan, Anika, Daisy & Kaycee. Apr 12, 2015
mehul patel £50.00 GBP Apr 12, 2015
USHMA PATEL £20.00 GBP GOOD LUCK Apr 12, 2015
Hema Patel £15.00 GBP good luck Apr 12, 2015
Michael Adigun £10.00 GBP Apr 11, 2015
Anonymous £5.00 GBP Apr 11, 2015
Anonymous £10.00 GBP Apr 10, 2015
Anonymous £10.00 GBP Apr 10, 2015
Clare Thomson £30.00 GBP Good Luck Kosh from Clare Apr 10, 2015
Avantika Patel £10.00 GBP best wishes Apr 9, 2015
Aniket Kulkarni £10.00 GBP Apr 8, 2015
Abdul Choudhury £10.00 GBP Good luck Kosh. They should time you!! Apr 4, 2015
Ravi Gadgil £10.00 GBP All the Best Kaushikbhai Apr 3, 2015
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