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Blanket Donation to The Big Group Hug in Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne, on 24 August 2023, the volunteers of BAPS Charities came together with a clear purpose: to make a positive difference. We believe helping others is more than just assistance; it’s a significant act of humanity.

BAPS Charities partnered with a local organisation, The Big Group Hug, emphasising their dedication to making impactful change. This collaboration aims to create a better future for those they assist.
We are immensely thankful to the Big Group Hug’s CEO, Bernadene Voss, known for her commitment to positive change. She was joined by volunteers from BAPS Charities and MP Lily D’Ambrosio, highlighting the importance of working together for a compassionate cause.

BAPS Charities donated 50 blankets to The Big Group Hug, supporting its noble cause of delivering goods to tackle child poverty. These blankets symbolise more than just warmth; they represent the community’s collective commitment to helping those in need.