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BAPS Charities Food Drive in Sydney, Australia

“Homeless persons are among the most vulnerable of the vulnerable groups affected by the threat of COVID-19.” – The Castan Centre for Human Rights. Australian Bureau of Statistics Census predicts more than 10,000 people across Australia will have minimal access to food or shelter during this Christmas. 


To help provide nourishing food for those struggling families and individuals, BAPS Charities initiated a food donation appeal across Australia in November 2021. The appeal encouraged families to donate food items for which the response has been overwhelming.  Items donated included breakfast cereals, long-life milk, muesli bars, baked beans, pasta, cordial and many more. 


The donated items from the community were provided to Pay it Forward (PIF), a local charity based in Penrith, Western Sydney. PIF’s mission is to ensure those less fortunate have food on their table, serving hot meals and refreshments every week. These include victims of domestic violence, families affected by COVID19, patrons with mental illnesses, depression and the homeless. It has been the only charitable food service that has remained active in the COVID19 lockdowns; and provided breakfast and food packs to those in need, with permissions granted from the council. The donation by BAPS Charities will help provide nutritious meals for more than 70 people.


BAPS Charities has endeavoured to support all individuals’ health and well-being and is grateful for all the volunteers and donors who came together to help the community in the current dire situation. 

Established in 2019, BAPS Charities harnesses the efforts and collective spirit of volunteers around Australia to serve individuals, families, and communities by providing benevolent relief through programs and initiatives to help communities living in distress.