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BAPS Charities supporting local organisations providing food for the homeless and reducing food insecurity

During the height of COVID-19, a large community crisis has been unfolding where people have faced serious hardship. Many have been placed in a position of not knowing how to feed their children. Restrictions on movement during lockdown meant there were few opportunities to help.

In two phases BAPS Charities supported two local organisations by donating food to support the fight against food insecurity and the homeless in the local area. The items were selected based on nutritional value, efficient storage, and the ability to feed families with children.

BAPS Charities donated approximately 1064 kilograms of Weetbix and 2600 litres of long-life milk to Parramatta Mission in December 2020 and Addi Road in January 2021.

Parramatta Mission is a part of Uniting Church in Australia providing meals, accommodation and mental health support including the homeless, at risk of homelessness, facing a crisis and living with mental illness. Jo Armstrong, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Volunteering, gave a special message for the donation.

“Thank you for your donation to Parramatta Mission for our 2020 Christmas Hampers and Festival of Christmas activities. Your giving has enabled us to provide hampers across our community, mental health, and hospitality services, giving food and gifts to individuals and families in need… Thank you for your collaboration in the work of transforming the lives of so many, we look forward to your continued support in 2021.”

BAPS Charities supporting Addi Road Food Pantry which launched in 2016 in response to growing inequality and environmental concerns. Addi road believes the donation of food embodies the Australian way of friendship and supporting the community, commonly known as mateship. We saw young kids handing Weetbix to our collection centres cultivating generosity and being thankful. Individuals came up with goals and strategies to maximise donations and reaching out to others. We experienced the whole community coming together for a great cause even in such uncertain times.

Established in 2019, BAPS Charities harnesses the efforts and collective spirit of volunteers around Australia to serve individuals, families, and communities by providing benevolent relief through programs and initiatives to help communities living in distress.