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Health Lecture: Injury Prevention, Regina, SK

Injury prevention is a crucial topic that everyone should be aware of. According to Parachute, a national charity dedicated to injury prevention, preventable injuries cost the Canadian economy almost $30 billion in 2018. BAPS Charities organized a health awareness lecture in Regina, Saskatchewan, on April 30, 2023, to provide information on common injuries and safety measures necessary to prevent injuries and illnesses during daily activities while at home, outside, or at work. The lecture presented by Shaileshbhai Maniya emphasized that though one may not be able to prevent every injury, being well-informed can help plan and take preventive measures to minimize the risk.

The lecture covered a wide range of injury prevention tips, including motor vehicle accidents, falls, water safety, brain injury, heat-related illnesses, back pain and muscle/joint injuries. It stressed the importance of using protective equipment, warming up before physical activity, staying hydrated, and maintaining a healthy diet. Additionally, the lecture highlighted recognizing injuries, intervening early, and knowing first aid. By following these tips, one can stay safe and reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses.