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BAPS Charities Hosts Blood Donation and Stem Cell Registry Drive in Scarborough, ON

In partnership with Canadian Blood Services, BAPS Charities hosted the “In the Joy of Others Blood Donation Campaign” in Scarborough, ON, on May 11, 2024. This year’s campaign collected 50 pints of blood, plasma, and stem cells to support Canadian hospital patients in need. Additionally, the campaign promoted registration for the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry, a vital community resource.

“We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated in this campaign. One pint of blood can potentially save up to three lives, so the donation drive here helped save 150 lives. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Canadian Blood Services for their invaluable partnership and support,” said Yogesh Patel, President of BAPS Charities, Canada.

BAPS Charities’ commitment to supporting the health and wellness of the broader community extends beyond the blood donation drive. In addition, BAPS Charities conducts comprehensive annual health fairs, vaccination drives, and health lectures across North America to inform and support the health and well-being of communities.