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Blood Donation Drive 2016 in Toronto, Canada

 BAPS Charities organizes local blood drives in communities throughout North America to help local health agencies keep up with the high demand. BAPS Charities held its annual Blood Drive in Toronto On. Canada on June 19, 2016, where donors contributed 83 pints of blood that will help save as many as 250 lives. Ms. Lilet Raffiñan, Territory Manager Blood Service Canada, noted at the event, “BAPS Charities has clearly shown that saving lives is an integral part of your community commitments. You surely walk the talk and we are very much inspired.”

While half of all Canadians will either need blood or know someone who will need blood at some point in their lives, only four percent of Canadians donate. Our goal is to encourage community members to advance society as a whole by giving to each other, and blood drives organized at community spaces, companies, high schools, colleges, places of worship, and military installations help to support that same goal. BAPS Charities blood drives work to bring a wider public awareness surrounding the need for regular blood donation to replenishquickly declining blood stocks, and these events help uncover the role each individual can play in contributing to the greater good of society. With a focus on both physical health and the overall well-being of an individual, BAPS Charities locally and internationally encourages acts of volunteerism to develop strong communities.