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Blood Donation Drive 2017 in Toronto, ON, Canada

In recognition the  150th anniversary of Canada,  BAPS Charities organized a blood donor drive on July 22 and July 23, 2017 with the support of the Canadian Blood Services. A total of 100 pints of blood were collected, which has the potential to save up to 300 lives. With a continuous need for blood donors, the blood drive gave community members an opportunity to save lives and close the gap on supply shortages faced by blood banks. The Blood Drive organized by BAPS Charities is a crucial part of national efforts to address shortages. 

BAPS Charities also used the event as a platform to raise awareness around the need for regular blood donations and the significant impact they have, especially during demanding periods.  The Blood Drive event is one of several service events held by BAPS Charities each year.  Health fairs, walkathons, children’s health and safety events, and bone marrow drives are also held annually and in multiple locations across the country.  Through these activities, BAPS Charities aims to develop a broader spirit of volunteerism to enable individuals of all ages to make meaningful contributions to society.