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Community Youth Cricket Tournament 2017

BAPS Charities in Canada organized an indoor youth cricket tournament in Toronto from December 22-25, 2017.  Sixteen teams and over 128 participants from various communities across the province of Ontario joined together for an event that offered physical activity and healthy competition while fostering teamwork and community spirit.  At the end of the 3-day tournament, the Pramukh Cup trophy was awarded to the winning team along with prizes to the best batsmanbowler and the team exhibiting exceptional unity and teamwork.  The hugely successful event encouraged youths leading busy lifestyles to take time out for healthy activity and an opportunity to network with each other. 

BAPS Charities also organizes an annual Walkathon to support local charities and an annual Youth Conference to assist youth with career planning, personal health, and financial planning, balancing wants with needs and provide them an opportunity to network with each other