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Environment Awareness Lecture in Scarborough, ON, Canada

Over 97% of the top scientists from the UN, WHO, prominent research institutes and universities agree: man-made climate change is a reality.  Dr. Vivek Murthy, Surgeon-General of the United States says that climate change poses a greater risk to the world than polio did, based on a 2016 report. The risks of climate change go beyond human health, as droughts, floods, wildfires, super storms, water scarcity, human migration, and species extinction will lead to an uncertain future.

Recognizing this important topic, on April 02, 2016, BAPS Charities hosted an awareness lecture in Scarborough, ON to discuss the impacts of global climate change. The lecture also focused on simple ideas that are easily implementable to reduce one’s environmental footprint. The audience learned about the science behind climate change, as well as ideas on how to proactively talk about this important topic with others. Dr. Charan Thakkar presented the lecture.