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Tree Planting – October 2016, Nairobi

Nairobi, 9th October 2016: BAPS Charities in conjunction with KENVO plants 2,500 trees at Kinale Forest

Kinale forest forms the southern tip of the Aberdares ranges and is an important water catchment area for Nairobi’s water supply.

Over 100 BAPS Charities volunteers joined KENVO (Kijabe Environment Volunteers) in planting 2,500 seedlings at the Forest. As part of our Environmental pillar, BAPS Charities works to bring awareness of the important environmental issues we face in the community. We achieve this by participating and supporting initiatives such as tree-plantings, water conservation campaigns and promotion of renewable energy sources.

BAPS Charities planted a range of indigenous and exotic trees during the planting effort. Additionally, the rivers flowing through the forest are at risk from soil erosion due to over cultivation by farmers in the area. To help reduce this erosion a number of bamboo plants were also planted on the slopes of the river banks to help reduce this erosion.

This was the fourth tree planting project carried out by BAPS Charities since 2013. In total BAPS Charities Nairobi has now planted 13,500 trees. Through such tree planting projects BAPS Charities is committed to building a program that will help improve our forest coverage and sustain our water catchment areas in Kenya.