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Donation of supplies to Joytown secondary school, Thika, Kenya – May 2022

On the joyous occasion celebrating the centenary of the inspirer of BAPS Charities H.H Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the BAPS Charities Thika, Kenya chapter made donations to Joytown secondary school. The volunteers visited the school on 9th May 2022 with a goal of extending a helping hand to the teenagers with disabilities being cared for and educated at the school. The school currently provides for 350 disabled students who are in need of special care and support.

BAPS Charities extended support to the school by donating several supplies:

Maize 50kg, Rice 100kg, Sugar 60kg, Wheat Flour 50kg, Maize Meal 100 kg, Cooking oil 50 litres, Beans 50kg, Biscuit cartons, Juices, and women’s clothing.

The leader of the centre Dr. Andolo Everlyne and the support staff appreciated BAPS Charities and its volunteers for this kind gesture.