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Supporting the Imani Rehab Center – August 2018, Nairobi

In Kenya, hunger is often considered to be a major problem in addition to homelessness. There are several orphanages around the country however they are not all well managed, and many are in dire need of constant donations of food items to feed the Orphans. 

To help curb this issue in their own capacity, the Women’s wing of BAPS Charities Nairobi, on 14th August 2018, donated an array of food items to one center in a dilapidated and overcrowded area outside the city. The center is managed by Imani Rehabilitation Agency, who have 7 centers in Kenya. 

The center cares for newborn children up to the age of 18 years. They provide health care, parental care and guidance, education, community outreach, adoption services, foster care services, and reintegration support. 

The items donated include: 

  • 50 kgs rice 
  • 100 kgs Maize meal  
  • 22 kgs all purpose flour 
  • 10 kgs assorted dried beans 
  • 14 kgs salt 
  • 14 kgs sugar 
  • 15 kgs biscuits
  • Assorted chocolates 
  • 4 kgs margarine 
  • 2 large boxes of packaged snacks 
  • 4 gallons of juice


This gesture aims to ensure the children have a good meal at least once a day and to support the center in its mission to improve the situation of orphaned and vulnerable children by providing care and protection.