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Supporting Tarakwa High School, Bomet, Kenya

Tarakwa high school is a mixed day and boarding public school located along Bomet-Kaplong highway. It is in Tarakwa Sub-Location, Mutarakwa division in Bomet county. It was established in 1977 but was temporarily closed in 1979 and reopened in 1980. Since the introduction of free primary Education by the Government of Kenya, the school has recorded a sharp increase in student’s enrollment with the highest enrollment in Form one of up to 90% recorded last year.

A total of 268 students attend the school, of which 146 are boys and 121 are girls. The teaching staff consists of 14 teachers and 11 support staff

Through an analysis session the school and BAPS Charities collaboratively identified the following major challenges. Improvements in these areas would provide the school with the greatest benefit:

– Shortage of four classrooms – The existing girls’ dormitory is temporary and congested – Absence of a proper dining hall – Unreliable water supply from the dam – No library building – There is one laboratory or computer room – Poor road access from highway to the school compound – Old administration block – Poor sanitation facilities – Insufficient teacher housing – Unleveled playing grounds

Under its’ Education Pillar, BAPS Charities commenced support for Tarakwa in a phased approach:

Phase 1: In 2014 BAPS Charities embarked in building the 1st Classroom. The cost of the classroom from foundation to finishing was USD 5,000. The classroom construction was completed in approximately 2 months and can seat 40 students. To promote the livelihoods of the local community the labor was fully employed from nearby town centers.

Phase 2: In 2015 BAPS Charities after successfully completing the 1st Classroom embarked on building 2 more classrooms. The 2 classrooms were completed in approximately 3 months and can seat 80 students. The total cost of construction of the 2 classrooms was USD 16,000. (The higher cost is attributed to allowance given for the building to accommodate a second floor above.)

Our commitment shall continue with future phases to accomplish our goals in overcoming the challenges identified:

Phase 3 (Q1 2016): Library – Building a library on top of the 2 new classrooms. Estimated budget USD 10,000

In parallel to the larger infrastructure projects that are supported by BAPS Charities the team is also looking at other projects such as Rain Water Harvesting, Equipping the School with tools and books, Leveling the Playing Field, Adequate Sanitation & Access to the school.


For more details and if you would like to get involved please get in touch with:

Sameet Patel – [email protected] Nitin Mandaliya – [email protected]




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