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COVID-19 Pandemic Wellington/Auckland Essential Food Parcel Drive 2020

BAPS Charities in New Zealand has been making various efforts to help ease the hardships of members of the New Zealand community. One of such efforts was to provide Essential Care Packages to those who are in need of help in the greater Wellington region. Volunteers from BAPS Charities in Wellington helped prepare the care packages while wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

BAPS Charities in Wellington have worked in collaboration with four different organisations to accomplish this endeavor.

The Wellington City Mission is committed to being there for those most in need across the Wellington region. One of the assistance that they provide is food parcels. BAPS Charities has provided Essential Care Packages to the Wellington City Mission, for them to distribute to those Wellingtonians in need. The Mission has expressed their sincere thanks for the donation of Essential Care Packages to assist the work of the mission.

Team Naenae Trust with support from the local police – Team Naenae Trust’s Chairperson Lillian Pak and Trustee Chris Norton approached BAPS Charities with a list of people in need of help in the Lower Hutt region. BAPS Charities provided Essential Care Packages which were then distributed to those in need in Lower Hutt.  Essential Care Packages were delivered to the doorsteps of needy families by volunteers from BAPS, volunteers from Team Naenae Trust with support from the local police. It is said that birds of a feather flock together, similarly it was remarkable to see three different groups made up of people of different backgrounds and religions working together to serve in the spirit of service to the local community during this difficult time. All those who received the care packages were extremely grateful for the support.

High Commission of India and Indian Consulate Auckland –Needy Indian Nationals approached the High Commission of India and  Indian Consulate Auckland for support. BAPS Charities delivered Essential Care Packages to the High Commission of India office, in Wellington . There were two different types of Care Packages provided to the High Commission of India. One was suitable for an individual person and the other was suitable for a whole family. His Excellency High Commissioner Muktesh Pardeshi remained present to receive the Care Packages at the High Commission office. The Baps Charities Volunteers also delivered food parcels to the Auckland Indian Consulate and Mr Bhav Dhillon Honorary Consul Of India thanked all the volunteers for preparing these Food Parcels for the Needy Indian Nationals.

The Salvation Army is concerned about the growing demand for food from people who are finding themselves struggling to buy groceries due to the Covid-19 lock down. They are working to help those who are finding it hard. Essential Care Packages were delivered to them by BAPS Charities to support them in aiding those who are in need of Care Packages. The Salvation Army has also expressed their sincere thanks to BAPS Charities.

The national Lockdown has left thousands of vulnerable and neglected families at risk of not receiving food on daily basis, We are appreciative of the public’s support of our efforts to alleviate some of the suffering endured by our young and old during this national crisis and we remain committed to providing more support to the New Zealand community during this Pandemic