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National Toy Drive New Zealand 2023

In the spirit of service, BAPS Charities New Zealand continues to strive for a brighter, happier community, one smile at a time


BAPS Charities New Zealand embarked on a National Toy Drive, spreading festive cheer to children spending their holidays in hospitals and healthcare centers during Christmas and New Year. This heartwarming initiative aimed to bring joy and happiness to the young residents receiving medical cate at Starship Hospital in Auckland and other hospital throughout the nation.

Volunteers of all ages, ranging from 5 to 70 years, passionately participated in collecting brand-new toy boxes. The nationwide effort took place in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington, with a resounding positive impact.

Over 50 volunteers dedicated more than 300 hours to make this Toy Drive a success, exemplifying the diverse and inclusive spirit of BAPS Charities New Zealand.

The collective effort resulted in the collection of over 800 toy gift boxes, symbolizing the generosity and commitment of the community toward making a difference in the lives of these children.

The Toy Drive spanned BAPS Charities New Zealand’s nationwide canters, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose across Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington.

This initiative not only brought tangible gifts to the children at Starship Hospital but also reinforced the profound impact of collective goodwill and the enduring spirit of giving during the festive season.

As an organization devoted to making a positive impact, BAPS Charities New Zealand extends its heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers and supporters who contributed to making this National Toy Drive a beacon of hope and joy for the children in healthcare centers across the country.