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Winter Warmer 2017 – Durban

Annually, the winter months from June to August introduce difficult and precarious challenges to many people in South Africa who cannot afford basic essentials to survive the bitter cold. As a result, BAPS Charities run “Winter Warmer” programs across the country to provide much needed warmth and love to those in need.

This year’s program in Durban was a resounding success. During June 2017, BAPS Charities volunteers from Durban distributed blankets, food and clothing to three separate beneficiaries: the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Brooklyn Heights Primary School in Chatsworth – a previously Indian majority township where many people live in impoverished circumstances. Here, children received hot meals, juices and snacks. An informal settlement outside of Durban was also the recipient of food and blankets to help ease the residents during the cold winter months.

In total, 250 blankets and 200 food hampers were distributed to all beneficiaries.