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BAPS Charities at Healthy Fun Day 2014

BAPS Charities was invited to deliver a CPR demonstration and a health awareness presentation entitled ‘Look After Your Heart’ at a local Healthy Fun Day organised by The Park Lane Methodist Church, Wembley on Saturday 25 January 2014. 

The Healthy Fun Day, held in collaboration with the Brent Healthy Lifestyles Team, was an educational and interactive event designed to provide health information, basic health checks, and guidance on leading a healthy lifestyle. Through various talks and workshops, the event raised awareness of various health issues, including heart disease, raised cholesterol, cancer, and mental well-being.

DID YOU KNOW? Heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer, yet it is largely preventable.

Dr Markand Patel, a volunteer from BAPS Charities, gave a talk on coronary heart disease and provided simple steps to promote better heart health. He explained what coronary heart disease is and its consequences, as well as how to reduce the risks through exercise, a healthy diet, being active, and being aware of other factors that affect the heart. He also conducted a demonstration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, showing what to do in an emergency if someone has a cardiac arrest – supporting the British Heart Foundation’s on-going Heartstart initiative.

Promoting heart health is an important focus for BAPS Charities, who have been running cardiovascular screening sessions and provided Emergency Life Support training to other organisations within the community.

The talk and CPR demonstration were very informative, receiving positive feedback from the attendees and helping make the Healthy Fun Day a notable success.

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