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Children’s Educational Activity Camp

More than 190 children from The Swaminarayan Sunday School in London enjoyed a three-day educational activity camp at Kingswood Grosvenor Hall in Kent from 3 to 5 April 2015. The event was designed to develop various personal and interpersonal skills among the children.

Kingswood is part of Inspiring Learning (formerly Education Travel Group) which provides educationally rich activity-centred breaks for schools and groups. ‘Out of the classroom learning’ is a key feature of their programmes.

Over the three days, the children challenged themselves through a variety of tasks specially designed to harness a number of skills and abilities.

Some tasks tested and developed teamwork and communication, while others strengthened physical fitness, control, coordination and balance.

One memorable team-building task involved navigating blindfolded through a series of obstacles and mazes as a group, relying heavily on the trust, support and communication of fellow team members. Another involved working collectively to hoist a colleague in the air on a harness.

The days were rounded off with lighter activities, including talent performances by the children themselves. They also thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussions at night around the camp fire.

Over the course of the three-day trip, volunteers observed the children grow in confidence, strategic thinking and social interaction.

Overall, the educational camp provided a wealth of fun and valuable learning experiences for the children as a part of their holistic development.