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Collecting Winter Clothes for London’s Homeless

BAPS Charities organised a collection of clothes for London’s homeless in December 2017.

The collection was part of BAPS Charities’ proactive and ongoing commitment to support and serve the needy. As part of this initiative, volunteers also collected food for the homeless. (Click here to learn more.)

Homelessness is devastating, dangerous and isolating. On average in the UK, homeless people die at just 47 years old. People sleeping on the street are almost 17 times more likely to have been victims of violence, and homeless people are over nine times more likely to take their own life than the general population.

A variety of warm pieces of clothing, including jumpers, coats, hats and scarves were deposited at The Swaminarayan School opposite the Mandir and various other collection points during the first two weeks of December. Worshippers engaged with owners of local businesses to collect clothes at their respective shops and offices.

The collection was particularly timely due to the spell of very cold weather across London and the UK during the early part of the month.

Following the collection, more than 150 large bags of clothing were distributed to Crisis, the ‘national charity for single homeless people’, The Passage, the charity that ‘helps homeless people transform their lives’, and Glass Door, the charity that believes ‘no one should have to sleep on the streets of London’.

Nisha Saglani, a volunteer for BAPS Charities who visited The Passage and Glass Door, shared, “Visiting the two homeless centres yesterday was so humbling. It was heart-warming to see that even on Kings Road, there is a place of sanctuary for the homeless; a place where they can receive a hot meal and fresh warm clothes that have been so kindly donated. It was an eye-opening day.”

Steve Gamble, Guest Service Manager at Glass Door, also echoed, “These clothes will help many homeless Londoners during the winter.”

Jo Hill from The Passage added, “Thank you to BAPS Charities for the huge contribution to help the homeless with so many clothes.”

To learn more about CrisisThe Passage and Glass Door, please click on the respective links.

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