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Collecting Winter Clothes for the Homeless in London, UK

Volunteers from BAPS Charities collected clothes for the homeless during the frigid winter period. This was a part of its on-going commitment to serving the needy in local communities.

A variety of warm pieces of clothing, including jumpers and jackets, were deposited at collection points opposite the Neasden Temple in London. Worshippers at the temple and owners of local businesses also contributed to the collection.

More than 50 large bags and approximately 1,000 individual garments were collected and distributed to Crisis, the “national charity for single homeless people.”

Kirit Wadia, a lead volunteer at BAPS Charities, shared his thoughts on the programme: “Being homeless brings many tough challenges but at this time of the year, it is particularly saddening. We hope that the clothes can provide some warmth and comfort to those without a roof over their heads.”

Michael Clout, Corporate Donations Coordinator at Crisis, added, “We are very grateful for the volunteers [at BAPS Charities] for contributing their time to help homeless people. It is one of the largest donations of clothes we have had this year and will help to keep many people warm in the cold weather.”

A further letter of appreciation from Crisis Chief Executive Jon Sparks can be read in the gallery below and here

To learn more about the work of Crisis, please click here.

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