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Winter Clothes Collection for the Homeless, Wellingborough, UK

BAPS Charities in Wellingborough collected winter clothing for the homeless in December 2019, as part of an on-going commitment to serve the needy in the local community.

More than 250 individual pieces of warm clothing – including jumpers, jackets and trousers – were distributed to The Daylight Centre, an independent local charity striving to help people meet personal challenges such as mental health issues, substance abuse, learning difficulties and homelessness.

Milan Patel, a lead volunteer for BAPS Charities, shared, “Being homeless, especially in the winter months, can be particularly difficult. We hope the donation of clothes can assist those who are experiencing hardship. Supporting the needy in our community is a value that is particularly important to us at BAPS Charities.”

The shop volunteers thanked BAPS Charities on behalf of The Daylight Centre, adding that they were “extremely grateful for receiving 15 full bags.”

To learn more about The Daylight Centre, please click here.

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