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COVID-19 Pandemic: BAPS Charities Donates $5,000 to the Phoebe Foundation in Albany, GA

In response to challenges brought by COVID-19, BAPS Charities donated $5,000 to the Phoebe Foundation on July 3, 2020.

The Phoebe Foundation is a philanthropic organization in Albany, Georgia which has provided masks to local front-line personnel.    We are so grateful to BAPS Charities for this generous gift,” said Carolyn Higgins, president & chief fundraising officer, Phoebe Foundation. “This donation will support our relief efforts as we continue to provide aid to the citizens of southwest Georgia and our front-line caregivers during these challenging times.”

Navin Patel, a BAPS Charities volunteer, said, “In this time of uncertainty, I am certain that there are heroes fighting to save lives. As we do our part in keeping a safe distance and staying a home, we wish to support those heroes through donations, acknowledgement, and hope.”

BAPS Charities, an international public charity, that is committed to the betterment of public health. BAPS Charities volunteers all across the US and around the world are finding ways to help their communities. From the distribution of food to the donations of N95 masks to hospitals to providing monetary assistance to charitable organizations, BAPS Charities aims to support local communities.