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Women’s Health Lecture 2018 in Boston, MA : Mental Health Awareness

Each year, millions of Americans continue to live with a mental health condition. In fact, one in four women will experience some mental illness during their lifetime – whether benign or chronic. However, in most cultures and societies, being diagnosed with a psychological disorder is considered taboo or stigma and therefore many of these illnesses go undiagnosed and untreated. The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month and to help promote not only physical wellness but also a healthy state of mind, BAPS Charities presented a health awareness seminar on Mental Health in Boston, MA on June 30, 2018, presented by Mansi Patel.
The seminar included a brief overview of types of mental disorders affecting women. Risk factors for the development of these disorders including peer pressure, conflicts at work, financial difficulties, family issues, lack of support from friends and family, and any physical illness or bereavement were discussed. Statistics highlighting the underdiagnosed and untreated mental disorders were presented to encourage attendees to seek help as necessary. Women were educated on the importance of being aware of any signs or symptoms of having a mental disorder, methods of relieving common mental conditions, and how to seek additional help.