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Walk 2015 in Boston, MA

Ended 7 years ago

Jun 20, 2015

50 Stedman Street,
Lowell, MA 01851

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  Raised so far   $11,394.00 USD total
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Every year, BAPS Charities organizes Walkathons throughout North America. BAPS Charities Walkathon in Boston, MA is an event to raise funds for Merrimack Valley Food Bank and other charitable activities organized by BAPS Charities. Please participate in the Walk this year to help this cause. You may have supported us in the past, and we appreciate your consideration again this year for this important cause.


Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Inc.

Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Inc.

"The focus of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank is to help meet a person’s most profound need — adequate nutrition and freedom from hunger. Only through cooperative efforts can society initiate change develop strategies to alleviate hunger and work toward the well being of all people. It is a basic human need to have adequate access to an environment conducive to well-being, which includes food, shelter and clothing. For most of us, food is readily available at nearby stores. The ease with which food can be acquired can make us take for granted how vital food is to our well-being."

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BAPS Charities Walk in Boston, MA took place on June 20, 2015. In total, over 3...

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