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Chennai Flood Relief Fund

In November and December 2015, areas in South India and Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, experienced the heaviest rainfall in over a century, with more than 13 inches falling within a 24-hour period. Over 269 people have lost their lives since the rain began in early November. Mass flooding has led to wall collapses and unsafe power exposure, disrupting both the health, power and economic infrastructures of the greater Chennai area. In recent days the government has set up at least 97 relief camps that are providing food and shelter to over 62,000 people.

BAPS Charities has responded immediately to the urgent need for food by providing essential grains and cooking oil to local communities across Chennai. Food kits containing 10 kilograms of rice, one kilogram of daal (lentils), and one liter of oil each have been distributed along ECR, Mahabalipuram, and around the metropolitan city of Otteri. Most recently, Krishna Karnai village residents have received 205 food kits, and Periyanemely (Kannima Nagar) village has received an additional 55 kits.

BAPS Charities will continue to assess its aid-distribution as the situation continues to unfold.

UPDATE 12/12/2015:  See news of additional relief work here.


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Following the severe rain that flooded Chennai and surrounding areas, BAPS Chari...