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Health Fair 2013 in Cherry Hill, NJ

Annual Health Fairs are a key component of the health and wellness services BAPS Charities provides throughout North America.

On July 21, 2013, in Cherry Hill, NJ25 physicians and 10 allied health professionals volunteered their expertise and time at BAPS Charities Health Fair to provide medical care and awareness to 300 people. Below are some of the highlights and data of the event:

Number of patients seen by specialty:  Internal Medicine/Family practice (225), Cardiology (47), Gastroenterology (28), Ophthalmology/Optometry (96), Dentistry (75), Physical Therapy (16), Nutrition/Dietician (100), Endocrinology (12), Pain Management (10), Radiology  (12)

Number of lab tests conducted:  CBC (250), Basic metabolic panel (250), Lipid panel (250), Hemoglobin A1C (250)

Number of Screening & Diagnostic tests: Blood pressure  (225), Obesity (225), Diabetic/glucose screening (225), Dental exam (75), Eye exam (96), Glaucoma screening (96), EKG (81)