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Health Fair 2008 in Cleveland, OH

BAPS Charities aims to serve individuals, families and communities in need by providing high quality, low cost health care. 

Annual health fairs are at the core of BAPS Charities’ medical services. Physicians and technicians regularly volunteer their expertise to provide medical care and advice to the increasing number of people who lack access to quality health care. 



April 27, 2008 
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
No. of Participants
No. of Doctors & Paramedics
62 physicians from 21 specialties; 20 allied health-professionals 
List of Services provided
The health fair participants received the following medical screening services 
  1. Height, Weight, Blood-pressure 
  2. Triage 
  3. Labs / Blood-tests: CBC, CMP, Lipid profile, PSA, TSH
  4. GYN: Pap Test, Pelvic Exam
  5. Ophthalmology: Slit lamp exam 
  6. Pediatrics 
  7. Cardiology: EKG 
  8. Bone Densitometry Screening
  9. ENT and Hearing Test 
  10. Allergy Medicine 
  11. Dental Hygiene 
  12. Gastroenterology 
  13. Geriatrics 
  14. Neurology 
  15. Oncology 
  16. Pulmonary: Spirometry, pulse-oximetry 
  17. Psychiatry 
  18. Rehab Medicine and Physical Therapy 
  19. Orthopedics 
  20. Pain Management
  21. Rheumatology 
  22. Urology 
  23. Podiatry 


Free Equipments/ Materials distributed
Leaflets on many disease conditions to raise awareness


The positive spirit of the Health-Fair will have a ripple effect which will be much larger than the Health-Fair itself. – Fred DeGrandis, JD, President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals 

BAPS Charities 9th Annual Health Fair organized at Cleveland was supported by Association of Indian Physicians of Northern Ohio (AIPNO)