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Women’s Health Lecture 2018 in Cleveland, OH: Maintaining Oral Health

One’s oral health has a big impact on one’s general health.  Our overall oral health is not only connected to various gum and teeth diseases, but also to our heart, lungs, bones, and other parts of our body.  With the aim to educate more women on this issue, BAPS Charities presented a health awareness seminar on Oral Health.  The seminar was presented by Dr. Dipti Shah and held in Cleveland, OH on November 11, 2018.

The health awareness seminar discussed the importance of why oral health is beneficial to not only our teeth and gums but also for the rest of the body.  The audience was educated on different types of oral health diseases and how they differ based on various stages of life – whether young, pregnant or elderly.  Dietary habits and preventative measures such as avoiding high sugar-content food, drinking more water, and limiting acidic foods to prevent tooth or gum disease were presented as well as maintaining good dental habits and making regular visits to see a dentist.