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Children’s Health & Safety 2013, Clifton, NJ

Aligning with national health and safety initiatives including those from US Department of Health & Human Services Stop Bullying initiative, The National Institute of Health “We Can!” program, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, BAPS Charities Children’s Health and Safety Days encourage dialogue between children and their families while providing participants with the tools and resources for a better lifestyle: anti-bullying, healthy life choices, and safety in a technology-driven world.

On September 14, 2013, in Clifton, NJ, over 50 health care professionals and specialists volunteered their expertise and time to educate and bring awareness to 120 children and 40 parents. Below are some of the highlights and data of the event:

Professionals present: Optometrists (1), Police Officers (4), Firefighters (6), EMT (Ambulance) (2), Physician Assistants  (1), Health Profession Students (4), Pharmacist (15), Nurses (6), Physical Therapists (2)

Educational Activities organized: Teddy Bear Clinic, Police Car Tour, Ambulance Tour & Demonstration, Fire Engine Tour, Fire Safety Demonstration, Sports & Fitness Demonstration, BMI and photo ID, General Health Education

Educational Lectures:  Anti-Bullying, Cyber Safety, Being Healthy

Workshops: Let’s Move! (active lifestyle), Reducing screen time, Nutrition, Hygiene, Home and Auto Safety, Sun Safety, Oral Hygiene, Poison Prevention, First Aid, Healthy Exercise, Car Seat Safety, Injury Prevention


  • By listening today the kids will learn that not sitting in front of the TV or computer and getting out and playing is very important for their health. Kids should learn at school and home that a healthy diet is an important diet. –

-Mayor of Clifton, James Anzaldi

  • This event provides a good environment for kids to learn about important health topics while also enjoying.

-Mayur Dholaria, Parent 

  • This event is very valuable to the community and would love to have it more often as it greatly benefits families.

-Janak Patel, Parent

  • I love this event because I can apply the things I learned here in my everyday life. I can go home and tell all my friends to do certain things that I learned to do at this event. I think the most important thing I learned today is eating healthy and having lots of exercise.

– Radhika Patel, attendee (age 10)

  • You guys did a great job with planning an event like this which benefits children and the community!

Himil Desai, Dental student- Wilkes University

  • Planning of such events result in excellent outcomes. I would absolutely participate in your next program!

-Louis Cortes, Nurse- St. Joseph’s Medical Center