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Walk 2009 in Clifton, NJ

BAPS Charities Walks organized throughout North America helps a wide range of community, health and humanitarian organizations thus helping to build a better community, one step at a time.

Benefitting Clifton Police Department, the BAPS Charities Walk in Clifton, NJ  took place on September 20, 2009. In total, over 380 participants enthusiastically supported the event.

Charity is an important part of every community. I congratulate BAPS Charities on behalf of the Clifton city for what they are doing and will continue to do.
– Mayor of Clifton, James Anzaldi 

BAPS Charities has helped the community day in and day out. The number of people here today is proof positive that you are walking the walk not just talking the talk.
– Congressman, Bill Pascrell Jr.

BAPS Charities has a tradition of connecting with the people of this country and believes in giving back to the community.
– Anju Bhargava, member on President Obama’s Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

It’s the inspiration one gets from these activities to help the community, by giving to those who help the community on a daily basis like the Clifton Police Department. It is through the act of service that we find ourselves. The act of giving and receiving transforms the community into things far greater than one can individually.
– Amy Peterson, Esq.