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Children’s Health & Safety Day 2011, Dallas, TX

In February 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama launched the “Let’s Move” initiative to help curb obesity and promote healthy eating habits from the early years of childhood. In support of this initiative, BAPS Charities hosted Children’s Health Fairs across North America and spread the message of healthy living to children and their families.
Healthy childhood development requires physical, spiritual and mental guidance. The BAPS Charities Children’s Health Fair provided interactive workshops through which participants practiced various types of exercise routines and learned about the benefits of daily physical activity.   BAPS Charities’ volunteers worked in tandem with local pediatricians, nutritionists, dentists, and nurses to teach children about hygiene and healthy living. 

Health fairs for children and adults are just one of the many services BAPS Charities provides to children on an annual basis. BAPS Charities works to improve the quality of life of children around the world, hosting educational seminars and training workshops focused on the wholesome development of each and every child.