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Health Fair 2018 in Dallas, TX

On October 13, 2018, BAPS Charities hosted the 17th annual community Health Fair in Dallas, TX.  Over 390 individuals benefited from the volunteer services provided by over 60 physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals who donated their time to advise participants on preventative care and provide tips to improve general health as well as mental well-being.

Number of patients seen by specialty: Internal Medicine/Family Practice (170), Cardiology (150), Orthopedics (10), Urology (10), Ophthalmology (100), Dermatology (30), Dentistry (100), Physical Therapy (10), Nutrition/Dietician (35), Chiropractor (30)

Number of Lab tests conducted: (392)

Number of Screening Tests: Blood Pressure (220), EKG (150), Eye exam (100), Dental exam (100)

Opinions:  “The biggest issue we have is the rising cost of health care.  The best way to fix that is to either decrease demand or increase supply and that’s exactly what we’re doing today.  We(BAPS Charities) are increasing the supply of affordable health care to the residents of the surrounding community” – Matt Rinaldi, State Representative, District 115

“We’re very, very fortunate and thankful that you’re(BAPS Charities) in our community and that you contribute with healthcare functions like this.  We see the opportunities that you provide for so many people to participate in things.  And that’s great because it brings the community together, brings the city together and people can have stronger relationships when they see each other out doing things” – Mayor Rick Stopfer, Irving, TX