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COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Drive 2021 in Edison, NJ

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on communities across the globe. Thanks to the effort put forth by scientists, researchers, doctors, among many others, vaccines are readily available, that have shown evidence of generating strong immune responses against the COVID-19 virus. As the scientific community and public officials have emphasized, widespread vaccination and boosters are essential pillars in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

BAPS Charities organized a COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Drive in Edison, NJ on December 25, 2021, in collaboration with Lyon’s Pharmacy, benefiting over 200 community members.

Through the pharmacy staff’s professional support, participants were guided through the registration process, received their vaccinations, and were provided post-vaccination care. BAPS Charities volunteers played an essential role in ensuring that the vaccinated patients had a pleasant and smooth experience. In particular, the volunteers assisted in providing socially distanced flow, sanitization protocols, and translation services.

Before the vaccination drives, BAPS Charities saw a community need for vaccine education in an accessible format for the Indian diaspora. BAPS Charities created a video to provide multiple perspectives from well-credentialed doctors & researchers with Gujarati subtitles.

In line with historical campaigns such as flu vaccine drives, health insurance information drives, health awareness lectures, health fairs, and BAPS Charities has endeavored to support all individuals’ health and well-being. Battling the misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and providing vaccination infrastructure is in line with that mission.